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Digital Connection: exploring haptic feedback for digital collisions. This project looks at alternative ways of sensing one another in digital space. Joysticks control sprites in a simulated physics environment on screen and vibrate with the force of their collision on impact. I'm interested in how we can engage more of our senses while interacting online.

Handcrafted Force Sensitive Resistor. Made with conductive plastic and copper tape. This sensor translates the force applied into data that can be used for anything. I've used them for interactive art installations and data collection.

Chalk Drawing Robot. Made from scrapped electronic waste, the drawbot runs routines to draw pictures with chalk. The robot is based on principles we discovered while building a 3D printer.

Octahedron VJ Controller. The objective of this project was to make a VJ tool that is gestural and 3D. The controller senses changes in light and potentiometer values. I modeled the controller in two dimensions then laser cut the panels and supporting angles. The potentiometers control shapes fidelity and the photoresistors control color values in a program written in Java.

Listening to Mitchell: a temporary public project on Milwaukee's South Side. It created an audio-visual, living history of seven blocks in a diverse commerical district. Months of interviews went into producing the large scale visual installations on and inside buildings. A vacant store front was used to create a revolving sound room with 18 speakers telling the story of Mitchell Street.

beintween: identifies unused urban infrastructure and facilitates co-operative partnerships to evolve marginal areas into neighborhood amenities, encouraging education, engagement, & empowerment. I volunteered with beintween to help build this installation at the Mobile Design Box. People wrote visions on this OSB corridor and swung in tire swings.

INST-INT: an international gathering of artists, designers and coders exploring the intersection of art, technology and interaction sharing processes, insights and experiences. I attended and photographed this 2015 event in Minneapolis. It was a great experience being able to meet so many people working at the intersection of art and technology.

Build a Drawing Robot Workshop. Cheyenne and I ran a workshop for newcolor to build crazy drawing robots with junior designers. I designed and manufactured the assembly built for customization. The junior designers created characters and learned a little about electricity by completing a simple circuit. I'm fascinated with kids ability to create stories and invent new realities. Newcolor is youth-oriented company that designs products and projects with this in mind to change our living environment.

Union Art Gallery Interviews. Audio/Video interviews I produced with exhibiting artists for the Union Art Gallery at UWM. They talk work, process, philosophy and everything inbetween. Artists are some of the most interesting people to interview.

Interactive Lights. Computer vision detects motion in space triggering lights over plants. The goal was to make it feel like your body was the switch controlling the nurturing light. An adjacent goal was to bring attention away from the camera sensor and onto the plants. Max, a visual programming language for media, was used for this project. The cameras frame was divided into segments that triggered events. When motion was detected in a segment, it triggered a relay switch which turned on/off a lamp corresponding to that segment. People could engage with the project on multiple levels: passively, by simply walking through the space, or actively by jumping from segment to segment, exploring the spaces behavior.

Chairs Skype. Living room chairs were outfitted with industrial wheels to move through a group gallery space. The goal was to find an unconventional method of movement through the galleries installations. Participants shuffled themselves and were pushed by others, all while in coversation with the other chair. The video chat session was broadcast live on the wall.

LEXI: a lexicon of digital space. LEXI is a program that runs in a browser to stimulate creative thinking and make uncommon connections. The project began with an interest in bisociation and idea formulation within creative processes. It works by randomly picking eight words from a list of 10,000. Each word is used to search for a cooresponding image on Flickr. The images returned are mapped to a matrix of floating cubes and users find relationships to form a new idea. LEXI is an environment where new systems of fantastic logic have the opportunity to emerge.